Depending on the task set by the Customer, its level of complexity, our company can offer both local control systems for dust collection equipment, and systems of any complexity integrated into the process control system.


The local control systems currently offered to customers include:

- microprocessor-based device BUEF;

- microprocessor controller Elex.


The development of complex systems for the automation of dust collection plants is based on components of the world's leading manufacturers, and can include:

- monitoring and control of blowing devices;

- control of input and output dust;

- differential pressure control on the dust collection unit;

- temperature control at the entrance and exit from the device;

- control and management of regeneration systems;

- control and management of dust extraction devices, etc.


Cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of electronic components, as well as the largest system integrators, guarantees a high quality of work and impeccable reliability.

New development.

The control system Elex plus is designed to control the regeneration of industrial bag filters FRI, FRKI, FRKID, FRO, FRIA, FRMI, etc. It is used instead of KEP, PURF, MIURF, SAIL, AUR, ARV, SU, MSU, Elex, etc.

The control system Elex plus is an advanced version of the devices of SS, MSU, Elex. The control system Elex plus is developed taking into account the long-term experience of the industrial operation of various control devices for the regeneration of bag filters of CJSC "Condor-Eco" and the requirements of customers and meets the modern requirements for automated process control systems.

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