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152101, Yaroslavl Region, Semibratovo, st. Krasnoborskaya, 9

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Holding group "CONDOR ECO - SF NIIOGAS":

President of the holding group: Chekalov Lev Valentinovich (48536) 53-096

JSC "Condor-Eco":

CEO: Zhuchenko Ekaterina Lvovna (48536) 53-096
Executive Director: Smirnov Mikhail Evgenevich (48536) 53-008,
54-011, 54-012
CFO: Zhuchenko Vadim Alexandrovich (48536) 53-008,
54-011, 54-012
Commercial Director: (48536) 53-008,
54-011, 53-079
Production Director: Smirnov Aleksey Aleksandrovich (48536) 53-008,
54-011, 54-012
Technical Director: Vlasov Denis Nikolaevich (48536) 53-008,
54-011, 54-012
Director for Construction: Kokuev Yuri Alexandrovich (48536) 53-261
Director of General Affairs: Telenkov Igor Yurievich (48536) 53-008
Beginning office of mechanical gas cleaning: Obichkin Sergey Vasilyevich (48536) 53-008,
The bureau of electric gas cleaning: Panasenko Vladimir Ivanovich (48536) 53-008,
Secretariat:   (48536) 53-008,
54-011, 54-012
Fax:   (48536) 53-112,
Mailing address: 152101, Yaroslavl Region, Rostov Region, Semibratovo,st. Pavlova, 5
Requisites: ОКПО 12677570
ОКВЭД 29.23.1
ИНН: 7609012559, КПП: 760901001
Bank requisites: Р/сч. 40702810477110100118
Калужское отделение № 8608 ПАО Сбербанк
БИК 047888670
к/с 30101810500000000670


CEO: Smirnov Mikhail Evgenevich (48536) 53-889
Technical Director: Kuritsyn Nikolay Alekseevich (48536) 53-991
Deputy Technical Director: Korsakov Valeriy Petrovich (48536) 53-990
Head of the department of electric gas cleaning: Denisov Dmitriy Anatolevich (48536) 53-997
The head of the department of mechanical gas cleaning: Bubnov Valeriy Ivanovich (48536) 53-994
Secretariat:   (48536) 53-996
Fax:   (48536) 53-734,
Mailing address: 152101, Yaroslavl region., Rostov district, Semibratovo, st. Krasnoborskaya, 9
Requisites: ОКПО 00220641
ОКВЭД 29.23.1; 73.10
ИНН: 7609002310, КПП: 760901001

Additional information

  • Installations of gas cleaning are completed with electrostatic precipitators of the fourth generation EGA-M, EGAV, EGSM, EGV-M, EGSE.
    These electrostatic precipitators, developed on the basis of the scientific foundations for the creation of a new generation of gas-cleaning equipment made in ZAO Condor-Eco, have a metal consumption of less than 20% and a smaller volume of 40% compared to the serial devices. The use of corona elements of the SF type with a low voltage of ignition of the corona and high-precision deposition elements allows to catch fine dust with a high specific electric resistance. At the same time, the dust content is reached up to 20...50mg/m3. In the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators in cramped conditions, electrodes up to 18 m high can be made. For the first time in the domestic practice of gas purification, a combined apparatus consisting of an electrostatic precipitator and a filter, providing an exhaust dust content of 5...10mg/m3 with a service life of bags of 5 years, has been developed.
  • Installations of gas purification with filtering devices IV generation FRIA, FRMI, FRI-OSD, FRKITS, FKI.
    FRMI – are developed taking into account the requirements in the branches of heat power engineering, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy. They represent a set of modules that form a standard size range of filters with a filtering area from 800 to 16000 m2, with an estimated capacity for the cleaned gas from 70000 to 1380000 m3/h.
    FRIA – for systems of "dry" gas purification of aluminum production, in order to reduce the abrasive wear of hoses due to the construction of the gas pipeline, moderate rates of dust and gas flow and its uniform distribution along the hoses are ensured.
    FKI – cassette-type filters, can be installed in the premises of working shops, where space is limited.
  • Cyclones SCN, CN, SKCN, VPC etc.
    These devices are highly efficient, resistant to abrasion, with low hydraulic resistance. The theory of calculation and the method for selecting cyclones have been developed, as well as technical documentation of apparatuses. This allows you to meet all the requirements of the customer in the shortest time.