About company

 The group of holding companies "Condor Eco-SF NIIOGAS" was established with the aim of implementing new approaches to the complete supply of modern equipment necessary for the highly efficient operation of industrial gas purification plants in various industries. The holding consists of JSC Condor-Eco, CJSC Semibratovo firm NIIOGAZ (Management of Science and Engineering); CJSC Condor-Eco Managing Company, LLC Condor Story (Construction Management); LLC SZGU, LLC SIBZET (Production management); LLC "CHOP Condor" (Office of Material and Technical Support).
  The range of services provided by the holding covers all the problems that customer has in the field of dust and gas cleaning: production, equipment development, plant design, installation supervision, commissioning, installation, the operation of gas cleaning systems.
  The holding carries out improvements and the development of electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, cyclones and other eco-technical devices that capture solid particles and aerosols. These improvements are based on the research and development of CJSC SF NIIOGAZ and CJSC Condor-Eco.

  Semibratovo branch of CJSC SF NIIOGAZ
  The Semibratovo branch of CJSC SF NIIOGAZ was established in 1962 with the aim of developing the designs of new vehicles and deliveries for mass production at the Semibratovo Gas Purification Plant. The theory of processes in electrostatic precipitators was mainly created at the chair of TVN IEA under the guidance of Professor I.P. Vereshchagin.
  Electrostatic precipitators of the third generation of type U, G, EGA, EGBM are put into the serial production of CJSC "SF NIIOGAZ" or with its direct participation. Experimental samples of electrostatic precipitators EGB and EGV were recommended by the commission of the MVI for serial production. The technical characteristics of these electrostatic precipitators include the possibility of reaching an output dust content of 200-100 mg / Nm3 for dust from UES up to 108 Om m. These devices did not efficiently capture high-resistance ash.
  After the beginning of the 1990s, when limits and restrictions were eliminated, and access to the world market was made available to designers, the unique situation appeared in CJSC SF NIIOGAZ - 30 years of experience in the development and supply of electrostatic precipitators and new design possibilities for devices.
  In 1999, the financial position of CJSC SF NIIOGAZ allowed the development of the fourth generation of electrostatic precipitators to replace the UG, EGA, EGBM. By this time, a new concept for the design of electrostatic precipitators was defined. To increase the efficiency of the introduction of the new devices, in 2001, the Holding Group "Condor Eco-SF NIIOGAZ" was created, in which the Institute carried out research and design by NIIOGAZ, and the design of facilities, the development of its own production base of new manufacturing technologies, the organization of new installation technologies and start-up/adjustment was entrusted to CJSC Condor-Eco. In 2003, the 1st electrostatic precipitator of the 4th generation of EGAW for metallurgy was put into operation. It was put into operation by OJSC Severstal and an output dust content of 15-20 mg / Nm3 was achieved. In 2006, the 1st electric precipitator of the 4th generation of the EGSE type for power engineering was launched, which was developed by CJSC SF NIIOGAZ jointly with VTI , and CJSC Condor-Eco was engaged in manufacturing equipment for new technologies, coordinating the design of the plant, and supplying equipment for the Khabarovsk CHPP-3. In 2008, a 4th generation electrostatic precipitator was installed. It catches ash from Ekibastuz coals at Omsk CHPP-5. During the operation, it reached output dustiness about 100 mg / Nm3.
  At the Omsk TPP-5 over the past few years, electrostatic precipitators have been installed for the supply of LLC Fingo, Alstom and CJSC Condor-Eco. The results of the tests showed a minimum dustiness from the electrostatic precipitator, which was supplied by CJSC Condor-Eco with commissioning.

  JSC "Condor-Eco"
  In 2013, the JSC Condor-Eco celebrated its 20 years anniversary. The company was established in difficult for Russia years on the initiative of the leading employees of the Semibratov branch of the Scientific Research Institute for Industrial and Sanitary Gas Purification (SF NIIOGAZ), later the Semibratovskaya firm NIIOGAZ . In the last 10 years, the scientific supervisors and leading employees of the Moscow head NIIOGAZ have moved to the firm.
  The firm managed to retain not only qualified specialists but also the scientific and technical development of two institutes for cleaning industrial gases from dust, which were created for 50 years, as well as unique laboratories of the SF NIIOGAZ.
  In order to increase technical and economic parameters of electrostatic precipitators in the 1980s, NIIOGAS together with NIIOGAZ SF developed a comprehensive program for performing research and development, developing and creating a generation of electrostatic precipitators with increased inter-electrode distance, which was financed by the USSR Ministry of Energy. The prototype of this electrostatic precipitator of the EGW type (ESP horizontal filter) successfully passed interdepartmental tests at the power unit with the capacity of 300 MW of Ladyshinskaya Hydroelectric Power Station and was recommended for serial production. This type of electrostatic precipitator is also competitive at the present time. In subsequent years, the firm "Condor-Eco" improved the nodes of this device and on its basis developed several modifications.
  In 2006, CJSC Condor-Eco won a tender for the supply of electric filters for 4 boilers of the Krasnoyarsk CHPP-4 under construction, in which Alstom, FINGO, etc. took part. The customer Rosatomstroy chose electrostatic precipitators of the EGV type. In 2012, the CHP plant went into operation and the results of the electrostatic precipitator test showed that the dust content of the purified gas is less than 100 mg / Nm3, i.. the guarantee indicators are maintained.
  In recent years, Condor-Eco has won a tender for the supply of electrostatic precipitators for a 660-megawatt power unit under construction in Vietnam, now four electrostatic precipitators are being installed.
  Over the past 10 years, the company has supplied equipment for 105 electrostatic precipitators for various industries, including 33 for coal plants.
  CJSC Condor-Eco, based on new eco-technical devices, develops highly efficient gas cleaning systems, prepares technical tasks for design, carries out the author's support of the project prior to its implementation.

  Holding "Condor Eco-SF NIIOGAZ" solved the problems of catching ash with electrostatic precipitators at CHP and HPS, which are burning Ekibastuz coals to ensure that dust emissions do not exceed the requirements of GOST R 50831-95.
   And now the holding group "Condor Eco-SF NIIOGAZ" has completed the tests and proposes a new electrostatic precipitator EGVM for cleaning gases from the ash of Ekibastuz coals. Depending on the gas cleaning temperature, it contains the technical possibilities for obtaining an output dust content at temperature 120-130 °C - up to 50 mg / Nm3; temperature 130-150 °C - up to 150 mg / Nm3; temperature 150-170 °C - below 400 mg / nm3. ° - 150 /3; 150-170 ° - 400 /3.
  In a new electrostatic precipitator EGWM, such results are achieved by using the latest research results and a new design concept:

  1. New electrode systems with reduced ignition voltage up to 10-11kV.
  2. Improved design of the gas distribution system.
  3. The new design of shaking mechanisms.
  4. New power algorithms, control of power algorithms when using the process control algorithms for the entire plant.
  5. The design achieved a maximum reduction of semi-active and inactive zones.
  6. The technology of installation and start-up and adjustment with gas distribution and personnel training.
  7. Availability of own production and testing base allows you to control the quality of production and reliability of the equipment produced.
  8. The presence of a certified ecological laboratory allows the implementation of new technologies for installation and commissioning.
  9. The designs of electrostatic precipitators are protected by several dozen patents.

  Over the past 10 years, the supply of electrostatic precipitators to cement plants by Condor-Eco has solved the problems associated with locking the corona discharge during the cleaning of gases in electrostatic precipitators in the production of cement for dry and wet methods of clinker production and, accordingly, the task of ensuring regulatory dust emissions.
  Developers of devices and installations issue guarantees for their characteristics and efficiency, control the correctness and sequence of installation, carry out the completion of additional electrical, mechanical and other equipment to the full implementation of the turnkey project.
  he enterprises of the holding group "Condor Eco-SF NIIOGAZ" are certified according to the International standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Additional information

  • Installations of gas cleaning are completed with electrostatic precipitators of the fourth generation EGA-M, EGAV, EGSM, EGV-M, EGSE.
    These electrostatic precipitators, developed on the basis of the scientific foundations for the creation of a new generation of gas-cleaning equipment made in ZAO Condor-Eco, have a metal consumption of less than 20% and a smaller volume of 40% compared to the serial devices. The use of corona elements of the SF type with a low voltage of ignition of the corona and high-precision deposition elements allows to catch fine dust with a high specific electric resistance. At the same time, the dust content is reached up to 20...50mg/m3. In the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators in cramped conditions, electrodes up to 18 m high can be made. For the first time in the domestic practice of gas purification, a combined apparatus consisting of an electrostatic precipitator and a filter, providing an exhaust dust content of 5...10mg/m3 with a service life of bags of 5 years, has been developed.
  • Installations of gas purification with filtering devices IV generation FRIA, FRMI, FRI-OSD, FRKITS, FKI.
    FRMI are developed taking into account the requirements in the branches of heat power engineering, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy. They represent a set of modules that form a standard size range of filters with a filtering area from 800 to 16000 m2, with an estimated capacity for the cleaned gas from 70000 to 1380000 m3/h.
    FRIA for systems of "dry" gas purification of aluminum production, in order to reduce the abrasive wear of hoses due to the construction of the gas pipeline, moderate rates of dust and gas flow and its uniform distribution along the hoses are ensured.
    FKI cassette-type filters, can be installed in the premises of working shops, where space is limited.
  • Cyclones SCN, CN, SKCN, VPC etc.
    These devices are highly efficient, resistant to abrasion, with low hydraulic resistance. The theory of calculation and the method for selecting cyclones have been developed, as well as technical documentation of apparatuses. This allows you to meet all the requirements of the customer in the shortest time.