The Holding Group "Condor Eco-SF NIIOGAZ" was established with the aim of implementing new approaches to the complete supply of modern equipment necessary for the highly efficient operation of industrial gas purification plants in various industries.

The holding company included Condor-Eco CJSC, Semibratovskaya NIIOGAZ CJSC, Condor-Eco Managing Company CJSC, Krasnoyarsk branch of Condor-Eco CJSC.

The range of services provided by the holding covers all the problems that arise in the customer in the field of dust and gas cleaning: production, equipment development, plant design, installation supervision, commissioning, installation, the operation of gas cleaning systems.

CJSC SF NIIOGAZ is engaged in the improvement and development of electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, cyclones and other eco-technical devices that capture solid particles and aerosols, and, if necessary, conducts a complex of research and development activities.

CJSC Condor-Eco, based on new eco-technical devices, develops highly efficient gas cleaning systems, prepares technical tasks for design, carries out the author's support of the project prior to its implementation.

Agreements on cooperation in the design of plants based on the latest achievements of CJSC SF NIIOGAZ and CJSC Condor-Eco were concluded with the leading industry institutes of the Russian Federation.

Developers of devices and installations give guarantees on their characteristics and efficiency, control the correctness and sequence of installation, carry out the complete set of additional electrotechnical, mechanical and other equipment.

Thus, the holding group includes organizations whose structure and professional experience allow solving the problems of gas purification from posing the question to the full implementation of the project "on a turn-key basis".

The enterprises of the holding group "Condor Eco-SF NIIOGAZ" are certified according to the International standards ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 14001.




Currently, the filters of the holding company "Condor Eco-SF NIIOGAZ" work in the leading industries: energy, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical industries, and construction materials. Here is a short list of the latest deliveries of the holding in these industries.

Power engineering. Electrostatic precipitators of the type EGA, in the development of which SF NIIOGAZ was involved, were delivered to Troitskaya, Reftinskaya, Novocherkasskaya, Nyurginskaya, Novo-Angrenskaya, Ekibastuzskaya, Uglegorskaya HPS, at the thermal power station of Irkutsk, Omsk, Frunze, and others. Electric filters of EGSE type were delivered to Khabarovsk CHPP. At the Ladyzhinskaya HPS, an electrostatic precipitator of the EGV type was successfully tested. Electrostatic precipitators of the EGBM type are installed in the Vladivostok, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhskaya state district power plants, at the Mosenergo TPP. CJSC Condor-Eco carried out the reconstruction of gas purification systems at CHPP-1 and CHPP-2 at Severstal (Cherepovets). CJSC Condor-Eco is the general contractor for the design of gas cleaning systems for boilers at the Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant. Electrostatic precipitators of the EGVM type are installed at Zheleznogorskaya TPP.

Ferrous metallurgy. In the aspiration system of casting yards of OJSC Severstal, electrostatic precipitators of the EGAV type were designed and installed. Bag filters type FRO, FRI are widely used for purification of waste gases in processes associated with metal spillage, in converter production, for aspiration in the preparation of charge (AVTOVAZ - Togliatti, Transmash - Tikhvin). FFMI filters are used in electric furnace systems for steel and ferro-components smelting (Volgograd Metallurgical Plant "Krasny Oktyabr"). Electrostatic precipitators such as EGA are used in virtually all domestic metallurgical plants.

Non-ferrous metallurgy. Electrostatic precipitators of EGBM type are used in the gas cleaning of sintering furnaces (JSC "Achinsk Alumina Combine"). Dry gas scrubbers of electrolysis gases use bag filters such as FRIA-400x2 (KrAZ), FRIA-900 (BAZ and Kandalaksha aluminum plant), FRI-1600 and FRIA-1250 (Ural Aluminum Plant), FRKDN-1100 for cleaning gases from electric furnaces in the production of crystalline silicon (Dneprovsky aluminum plant), FRKI-360 - in the production of antimony (Svetly Orenburg region).

Cement industry. The Holding Company delivers additional equipment to electric precipitators such as UG, EGA, EGBM (OJSC Maltsovsky Portland Cement, JSC Savinsky Cement Plant, Mordovcement, etc.). The entire series of bag filters of FRK type with an active area from 30 m 2 to 1250 m 2, with one-sided and two-sided pulse regeneration, is used in cement mills aspiration systems, in unloading systems, cementing and packing, in silo aspiration systems during loading their cement.

Chemical industry. Bag filters such as FRKI, FRI are used in the production of dry paints (JSC Lakokraska, JSC Victory Workers - Yaroslavl) and in battery production. In the tire production for the cleaning of aspiration air in the area of rubber mixers, cartridge filters of the FKI type are used. In the glass production, in the pneumatic transport systems of the composite components of the charge (sand, dolomite, salt, chalk, sulphate, filters with pulsed purge of FRK type with active area from 30 m2 to 90 m2, FRKI-30VR, Fry-60VR, Frykts-30 (filter cyclone), cyclones of the type TsN-15, SCN-40 of various arrangements (OJSC Bor Glass Factory, Glass Factory named after January 9 (Vyshny Volochok), CJSC firm "Symbol" , OJSC "Saratovsteklo") .In the production of asphalt, after drying drums for the preparation of mixtures, and group are cyclones type CCN-40.