Holding services

Holding Group "Condor Eco-SF NIIOGAZ" performs the full range of works required for users of the dust collecting apparatuses, plants, and systems, provides the following services to solve dust collection problems:

Development of new equipment and design of gas treatment plants using new equipment.

Optimal selection of dust collection equipment: electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, inertial devices, etc.

Organization of design of gas cleaning and dust collection plants.

Complete delivery of dust collection equipment: electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, other types of dust collection equipment for specified operating conditions.

Modernization of dust collection plants and non-standard solutions, taking into account the technological process, ensuring minimum emissions into the atmosphere.

Supervision and start-up and adjustment works.

Optimization of dust collection modes.

Replacement of obsolete power supply units of electrostatic precipitators with new, with an automatic control system.

Inspection, tuning, and optimization of the operation of the power supply units of electrostatic precipitators in order to obtain the maximal degree of purification and save energy.

Construction, repair, and maintenance of gas cleaning systems.

Inspection and issuance of technical solutions for the restoration of mechanical assemblies of industrial electrostatic precipitators that are destroyed during operation, with the supply of spare parts.

Modernization of power units and control systems with the replacement of outdated equipment with modern ones.

Maintenance, verification, issue of an opinion on the possibility of using existing foundations and pedestals in the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators.

The production of precipitation elements of increased accuracy and special corona elements on new equipment, which allows at least halving emissions from the electrostatic precipitator.

Supply for electrical filters of protective resistances of cables and insulators.

Calculation and introduction of modes of shaking electrodes.

Development of designs for new electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, and inertial dust collectors. Manufacture and selection of filter elements for bag filters of any type.

Reconstruction of obsolete bag filters in various industries using modern methods of regeneration and filter materials.

Reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators for bag filters. Replacement of filter regeneration control systems with modern systems using microprocessor controllers.

Development of new and reconstruction of existing systems of gas supply and gas distribution.

Registration and promotion of orders for the supply of dust collection equipment.

Completion of dust collection equipment.

Training of enterprise personnel in the selection, installation, operation of dust collection equipment.

Holding Group "Condor Eco-SF NIIOGAZ" provides control over the manufacture of equipment, requires approvals from the developers of all deviations and changes from the working documentation caused by the requirements of the technological manufacturing process, so as not to degrade the performance characteristics of the apparatus.

The Holding seeks to ensure that the construction and installation of a gas cleaning unit are carried out by an organization that has been certified by the equipment developer in that it can provide requirements for the construction and installation of the apparatus and the operating characteristics of the eco-technical installation will not deteriorate compared to those guaranteed in the project documentation.

The developer must necessarily supervise and supervise the installation of the gas cleaning unit, take part in intermediate and start-up tests and commissioning of the installation.

The purpose of the new technical policy of the holding group is to offer enterprises a service when they give the holding company a "dirty" gas at the contractual cost of cleaning the cubic meter.


Additional information

  • Installations of gas cleaning are completed with electrostatic precipitators of the fourth generation EGA-M, EGAV, EGSM, EGV-M, EGSE.
    These electrostatic precipitators, developed on the basis of the scientific foundations for the creation of a new generation of gas-cleaning equipment made in ZAO Condor-Eco, have a metal consumption of less than 20% and a smaller volume of 40% compared to the serial devices. The use of corona elements of the SF type with a low voltage of ignition of the corona and high-precision deposition elements allows to catch fine dust with a high specific electric resistance. At the same time, the dust content is reached up to 20...50mg/m3. In the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators in cramped conditions, electrodes up to 18 m high can be made. For the first time in the domestic practice of gas purification, a combined apparatus consisting of an electrostatic precipitator and a filter, providing an exhaust dust content of 5...10mg/m3 with a service life of bags of 5 years, has been developed.
  • Installations of gas purification with filtering devices IV generation FRIA, FRMI, FRI-OSD, FRKITS, FKI.
    FRMI – are developed taking into account the requirements in the branches of heat power engineering, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy. They represent a set of modules that form a standard size range of filters with a filtering area from 800 to 16000 m2, with an estimated capacity for the cleaned gas from 70000 to 1380000 m3/h.
    FRIA – for systems of "dry" gas purification of aluminum production, in order to reduce the abrasive wear of hoses due to the construction of the gas pipeline, moderate rates of dust and gas flow and its uniform distribution along the hoses are ensured.
    FKI – cassette-type filters, can be installed in the premises of working shops, where space is limited.
  • Cyclones SCN, CN, SKCN, VPC etc.
    These devices are highly efficient, resistant to abrasion, with low hydraulic resistance. The theory of calculation and the method for selecting cyclones have been developed, as well as technical documentation of apparatuses. This allows you to meet all the requirements of the customer in the shortest time.